Claims Assistance

Helpful Suggestions For Filing An Insurance Claim 

  • If you feel damage of any kind has occurred to your property, contact your insurance agent for an inspection and report on the extent of damage. 
  • At that point your insurance agent will authorize any temporary repairs that are needed to prevent any further damage to your property. 
  • It is always a good idea to take pictures and document any damage prior to making any temporary or permanent repairs. 
  • Please keep all of your receipts for any emergency repairs that are made in order to be properly reimbursed by your insurance company. 
  • An insurance adjuster will be assigned to your claim and an appointment will be made to inspect your damage.
  • Do not make any permanent repairs until your insurance adjuster has had the opportunity to assess all of the damage incurred. 
  • Once the adjuster has completed the inspection, you will receive a claim sheet outling the scope of damage and the amount of funds that will be available to you for repairs. 
  • Our staff has extensive experience in working with all of the major insurance companies in your area. please feel free to call on us to help you with this process. 


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